Become a Host

Empty Nest

Do you have an empty nest that is large enough to entertain groups?   Empty nesters often find themselves in homes that are much larger than they need, but rather than downsizing, they can use their home to host memorial.  Money generated from hosting memorials can be used to travel, pay off your mortgage or improve your property.   Host homes quickly become the nicest homes in the neighborhood with all the upgrades that happen naturally as a host property. Becoming a host is a great way to use your beautiful home to bless others while turning your home into an income-producing asset. 


Manzana Villa charges a one time $100 listing fee, plus a 20% booking fee for each memorial booked.  You will need to obtain a PayPal account for payment.


Parking is the primary consideration for becoming a host and you be able to park enough cars for 30 guests. requires that you have at least six parking spaces on your property and in front of your house without parking in front of your neighbor's homes.   The guests will be strongly encouraged to carpool and to use Uber as they will be fined if they park in front of a neighbor's home.   Your guests will be instructed on the importance of not parking in front of your neighbor's homes and will forfeit their deposit if they do.

Call 505-850-9006 to become a host