Covid has forever changed the way we live, but it doesn't have to change the way we celebrate the lives of our loved ones when they pass.   Many funeral homes and cemeteries across the country have been forced to restrict memorial services for their clients. enables you to celebrate the life of your loved one at a home.   A lunch or dinner memorial at a home creates an environment for your family to take all the time they need with each other without being rushed.   Family members who have not seen each other in years can spend precious time together in a conveniently located host home.  
Memorials are typically celebrated with a ceremony followed by either lunch or dinner.   Memorials are celebrated in four-hour increments, with the ceremony during the first hour, followed by lunch or dinner and family time during the remainder of the memorial.   You may combine this memorial booking with one or more overnight stays depending on availability for an additional fee.   The lunch memorial is from 10-2pm and the dinner memorial is from 4-8pm.