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Movie Studio Design Build Process

Extreme Green Corporation is pleased to offer comprehensive Design-Build services for the construction of Movie Studios.  Extreme Green's collaboration with the movie industry has enabled us to create the concept of a Movie Studio Cluster, which includes a two-story 18,000SF front office complex, a 48,0000SF sound stage, and a 20,000SF mill building.  These three components comprise everything needed to run an efficient studio complex for two or three productions at a time.    We can build your studio project on time and on budget anywhere in the continental United States.

Extreme Green is a licensed New Mexico general contractor specializing in Extreme Green Corporation is a General Contractor involved in Designing and Building state-of-the-art movie studios in New Mexico and around the country.   We are capable of providing all of the architectural, engineering, and actual construction of the studios.   The first step is for us to create a 3D Conceptual Design for your studio project so that you can determine precise budgets and financing for your project.    

We can build a movie studio to your specific needs but we also have developed a Mega Studio cluster for blockbuster productions and our Mirco Studio specifically created for independent productions.  Our environmentally friendly studios provide state-of-the-art sound attenuation and grid load. 


Our Micro Studios front offices on our Mega Studios are built using our proprietary and United States Patented US 10,087,642 B2 insulated concrete form system and boast R36 temperature insulation and STC50 sound attenuation. 

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