Residential Construction

It is amazing that people put their whole life savings into the construction of a building they have only seen in 2D. The ability to visualize a finished building in three dimensions is extremely powerful.


Step 1:   FREE - Design Consultation

Extreme Green offers will provide a basic 3D model similar to the one shown below at no charge in order to determine an accurate construction cost for your project.  You are under no obligation and if nothing else, you have a great model of what you want to bulid and how much it will cost to build whenever you are ready.


Step 2:   Complete 3D House Plans

If the cost estimate from Step 1 is within your budget, you may proceed with a complete set of house plans.   Upon completion, you will have everything you need to get a permit for your house in the State of New Mexico. At the end of this process, we will recalculate the exact cost of construction with these finalized plans. Extreme Green only charges $1/sf for the Complete 3D House Plans, plus any Engineering Fees if needed.   You will be given the option to sign a Construction Contract to Build with Extreme Green at the end of this process with firm pricing to build the house shown in the model.  You are under no obligation to build with Extreme Green, but if you do, the money paid on the Complete 3D House Plans apply towards the cost of construction, so it is like getting the Complete 3D House Plans for Free.


Step 3:   Construction Contract to Build

With the Complete 3D House Plans we are ready to build!  The first step is to get a building permit and all the pre-construction work started.   Extreme Green is a GB98 Licensed and Insured Contractor in the State of New Mexico and can build both residential and commercial buildings within the State.